1. A call for tender:

1.1 Tender advertisement and announcement.

2. Response to call to tender/ submission of offer:

1.2. Bids must be drawn up in English for international participants and in Malay for local participants.

2.2. Each bid must contain one coloured copy and four photo copies

3.2. Completed tender documents are to be addressed to:

Project Award Commission
(Tender Board)
Directorate-General for Development
Block D1 & D2, Complex D, Administrative Center
Federal territory, 62546 Putrajaya,

4.2. Tender must be submitted in sealed envelope itself within a second sealed envelope. The inner envelop must bear, in addition to the name of the department to which it is addressed, the word “Tender. Ref: “XXX”. If self-adhesive envelopes are used, they must be sealed with adhesive tape and the sender must sign across that tape.

5.2. Offer must be submitted by all the bidding company for this supply present or through an accredited Agent to the office of the Secretary project Procurement board no later than closing date as announced by the Procuring Authority.

3. Opening of the submitted bids:

1.3. All submitted tender shall be opened after a two working days after submission closes in the presence of the bidding companies representative or their local representatives who choose to attend, at meeting room 7/B8 to check if the instruction for tender document preparation have been fully complied it.

2.3. The tenders’ representatives who are present shall sign a tender opening register evidence their attendance.

4. Irrevocable of quotation:

1.4. By submission of a clear and detailed written notice, the bidder may amend or withdraw its quotation without penalty prior to the closing date and time by issuing an addendum. Upon submission closing time, all quotation becomes irrevocable.

5. Quotations/ Offers must:

1.5. Be drawn up preferably on the bidding company's headed paper for authentication;

2.5. Be perfectly legible in order to rule out any doubt whatsoever concerning the words or figures.

6. Tender documentation:

1.6. Tender Application/Expression of interest to be written on the bidding company's headed paper signed by company president, CEO or General Manager.

2.6. Quotation must be based on EX-WORDS, FOB OR CIF. (Port of Klang)

3.6. Certificate of incorporation. English or company’s Local Language is acceptable

4.6. Company’s address, Phone numbers, Fax numbers and Contact Person (s) for the bid

5.6. Manufacturers Authorization Form.

7. 7. Acceptance of condition:

Submission of a tender entails:

1.7. Acceptance by the Tenderer of the terms and conditions stipulated on the official announcement of tender documents.

2.7. Waiver of the Tenderer’s own terms of business.

8. 8. Period of validity of bids:

1.8. Offers shall remain valid for at least 30days or as specified in the tenders’ documents after sate of tender opening prescribed by the procuring entity, pursuant to paragraph 2.5. A tender valid for a shorter period shall be rejected by the project procurement board as non responsive.

9. 9. Eligible product:

1.9. All items to be supplied under this contract shall have their origin in eligible source countries

2.9. For purpose of this clause, “origin” means the place where goods(s) are produced. Good are produced when, through manufacturing, preprocessing and substantial.

3.9. The origin of goods is distinct from the nationality of the tenderer and shall be treated thus in the evaluation of the tender

10. 10. Tender price

1.10. The total value of the framework contract WILL NOT EXCEED RM 500,000,000.00 (Five Hundred Million Malaysian Ringgits) only, over one financial years or its equivalent.

2.10. The prices must be quoted in, dollars, pounds or euro for international traders.

3.10. Prices quoted by the tenderer shall remain during the tender’s performance of the contract.

4.10. The Prices must include extra margin for administrative bidding cost and substance expenses such as traveling, samples, etc., foreseen by the tenderer for the execution of the contracts/tasks. Such subsistence cost will not be paid separately by the government.

5.10. The tenderer shall indicate on the appropriate price, the unit prices total tender price of the goods it proposes to supply under the contract.

6.10. Prices must be quoted free of all duties, taxes and other charge, including VAT, as project procurement Board is exempt from such charges. The amount of VAT should be shown separately if the Tenderer believed that they are obliged to charge VAT in their country, VAT will not be taken into account in judging offers.

11. Acceptance of tender:

1.11. All tenders must be submitted at the office of the Secretary Project Procurement board, Directorate-General for Development Block D1 & D2, Complex D, Administrative Center

Federal territory, 62546 Putrajaya, Malaysia, with a non-negotiable tender registration fee for local companies or a refundable tender deposit (RTD) for international companies, in conformity with the bidding project categories. All the international bidding company for any work/ supply project, must have local representing agents.

2.11. An official receipt of payment/ deposit made, will be issued on behalf of the bidding company upon a successful submission her offer for which would be requested from unsuccessful companies on the bid for due refunds.

3.11. Unsuccessful tenderer’s refundable tender deposit (RTD) will be returned as promptly as possible to their company’s bank account not later than (10) working days after decision of tender is made by the project Procurement Board. And of which a refundable tender deposit form will be issued for the unsuccessful bidders to complete their bank details.

4.11. The refundable tender deposits (RTD) in conformity with all the bidding project categories are as follows:

RM 10,150 or its foreign currency equivalent for Tender Category A (Supplies)

RM 7,150 or its foreign currency equivalent for Tender Category B (Services)

RM 5,150 or its foreign currency equivalent for Tender Category C (Work)

12. General award information:

1.12. No award may result from this RFQ process. If this RFQ process results in an award, then Board reserves the right to award any contract, in whole or in part, and may accept goods or services from one or more Bidders in such quantities as shall be advantageous to us.

2.12. Pricing will be consideration on individual items. The lowest price item will not necessarily be accepted. Quality. Appearance and yield of product offered will be considered past performance of vendors and services provided to the facilities will be considered.

13. Tender evaluation:

1.13. Generally the best quality matched overall price of an item(s) in accordance with the terms & condition of the RFQ will be awarded the contract. However, other factors as stipulated below (in no particular order) will be considered when awarding contract.

2.13. Evaluated based on: Quality, Delivery, price and other important factors.

3.14. The Project Procurement Board will evaluate and compare the tenders which have been determined to be substantially responsive.

14. Penalties:

1.14. Without prejudice to the application of penalties laid down in the contract, candidates or tenderers and contractors who have been guilty of making false declaration, or have been grants and contacts financed by the board’s budget.

15. Payment terms:

1.15. The standard payment terms for all purchase orders is 10 days 100% bank telegraphic transfer or Irrevocable letter of Credit (L/C) or bank Guarantee after contract is signed by the Contractor and the Project Procurement Board.

2.15. Should the tenderer request other payments methods, the tenderer must state it in the final offer for review and consideration.

16. Important authorization:

1.16. All licenses, certificates, written letter that may be required by the government for contractor importation into Malaysia shall be processed and pass to the Tenderer to ensure goods are supplied within the ambit of the law.

2.16. Documents issued to the tenderer shall only be limited for importation of government’s supply.

17. Delivery schedule:

1.17. The bid requires that the goods or services bidding by the tenderer shall be delivered within 12 Months starting from the date full contract is confirmed by the Contractor, or might be agreed upon for a special period for work projects or as determined by the procuring authority.

2.17. Tenders delivery longer than the contract duration time will be treated as non-responsive and rejected.

3.17. Tenderer are permitted to give installment delivery, providing a detailed supply frame work for the goods and volume of which they have offered in the tender.

18. Contact between the contracting authority and the tenderer:

1.18. The Contact between the Contracting Authority and Tenderer is forbidden, save exceptionally in cases where clarification of the tender dossier is necessary.

2.18. No tenderer shall contact the Project Commission Board on any matter related to its tender, from the time of the tender opening to the time the contract is awarded, unless a request is made by the Procurement Board.

3.18. Any effort by a tender to influence the Project Procurement Board in its decisions on tender, evaluation, tender comparison, or contract award may result in the rejection of the Tenderer’s tender.

4.18. Should tenderer need any clarification prior to the Bid such request should be called to attention of the Project Procurement Board through this portal/ website or her local representative. for which response will be published by the Chairman of the Board as circular.

19. Notification of award:

1.19 Prior to the expiration of the period of tender validity, the Project Procurement Board will notify the successful tenderer in writing that its tender has been accepted, Simultaneous other unsuccessful tenderer shall be notified that their offer was not accepted with detailed reasons for rejection.

2.19. The notification of award will signify the formation and directives for other award steps and contract payment procedure.