Tender Reference Number Tender Title Advertising Date
MY/OC-4/RC-755174 Supply of raw materials for the plastic industry
MY/OC-4/RC-531278 Supply of wood logging machines and equipment June 25, 2021
MY/OC-4/RC-945421 Supply of kitchen equipment May 5,2021
MY/OC-4/RC-561557 Supply of Leather Accessories (Handbag/Purse, Briefcase) products for Government Official Gift Items (Workers and Political Appointees) and Market Expansion. In quantities of between 6,000 units to 8,000 units for any approved products, within a contract duration of 12 months. April 4, 2022
MY/OC-4/RC-895696 Supply of fruits ,fresh products ,diary foods ,canned foods, fruit juices and other items under this category July 10, 2021
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