Tender Reference Number Tender Title Advertising Date
MY/OC-4/RC-990171 Supply of Rice May 5,2021
MY/OC-4/RC-699734 Supply of LED Lighting/Lamp (Ceiling/Pendant/Chandelier and Wall Sconce) products for Government Lighting projects (Offices, Home Furnishing, Conference Halls, Continental Hotel & Restaurants, Tourist & event Centers, International/Local Airports, Railway Stations and Market Expansion). In quantities of between 300 up to 6000 units of any approved products, within a contract duration of 12 months. January 23, 2023
MY/OC-4/RC-189450 Supply of sports and training equipment's and devices, For distribution to public sporting and recreation centers across the country. Nov 30,2020
MY/OC-4/RC-531278 Supply of wood logging machines and equipment June 25, 2021
MY/OC-4/RC-658659 Supply of Agricultural Machinery ,Equipment and Tools. Jan 18,2021
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